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Main Projects

'ENTER' to the new life pattern through SDKB
New vision of culture and finance paradigm



SDKB, a global oriented entertainment company, produces and distributes K-contents.

The members of SDKB provide fashionable K-content, and distribute its content to worldwide via global pipeline of long-time partners.

The artists of SDKB performs on SDKB's self-produced K-dramas, movies, concerts; and deserve new opportunities with the ‘T-Commerce’ channel of ‘EnterButton’ as well. The artists of SDKB will be one of the most valuable assets in producing the K-content.

A new band (5members) of SDKB named '51%' makes a debut through the interactive competition project 'Your Man' by 99% of public participation and selection. It will be born as a global band in which SDKB Entertainment's accumulated long-time know-how is integrated.


Convergence of Real, Metaverse, and Entertainment




“Emptiness”, “Filling”, “Expansion of Freedom and Choice”

Where your choices can be recognized, EnterButton signifies the entry of new 'concept' and 'everyday life'.

EB Project is a trendy space itself as well as ‘O2O platform’ that can invite to the new era of consumer liquidization solution. It makes personal luxury goods to become ‘Assets’ as of ‘ABS; Asset-Backed Security’ The liquidation services of EnterButton is not only groundbreaking but it allows the consumers to maximize the value of their valuable luxury goods.

The expansion of distribution channel to ‘T-Commerce’ based on the business roadmap of SDKB creates rapid circulation of liquidity and expects ‘synergy effect’ with the entertainment department.

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