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Jan 31, 1984 / 188cm 81kg

Choi Hyeon-sang debuted as a member of the group 'Ocean' and is known as a versatile entertainer with a gentle image and impressive physique, not just limited to music but also having experience as an MC, in musicals, and theater.

Despite his masculine appearance, he receives a lot of love for his warm voice and showcases remarkable skills and experience. He's actively involved as a vocal trainer, leveraging his outstanding abilities and expertise.


2008~ Member of 'Ocean'

2008 SBS drama <Why do you come to my home> OST

2014 Musical <Summer snow>

2014 Musical <Moon embracing the Sun>

2015 Solo album

2017 Solo album

2019 Solo album

2020 TV CHOSUN <Love call center>

2023 MBN <Flaming trotman>

2023 Theater drama <Schumann>

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