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SDKB Co.,Ltd.

Since 2018



Company Address

740, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Finance with Culture & Human Art

SDKB, the global sensational trend leader, permeates into your life with creative ideas.

SDKB is a company that operates ‘O2O (Offline to Online) platform for liquidating of personal luxury goods, EnterButton’ and worldwide K-entertainment service.

SDKB produces and distributes K-content; K-drama, movie, music and leads the overall entertainment industry in Korea

SDKB builds and manages a new type finance system, ‘EnterButton’ as of ‘O2O (Offline to Online) Asset-Backed Securitization platform for luxury goods’ that makes

‘Personal luxury goods’ to be ‘Assets’ that can be liquidated as ‘ABS(Asset-Backed Security)’.

SDKB brings the new vision to create and provide better everyday life for the global consumer with the worldwide experts and specialized systems.

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